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WITCH at NC Stage

"Santi hits every mark as Scratch, playing the upwardly-mobile minion with a stand-up comedic confidence."

—Brian Postelle, Asheville Stages

at City Theatre

"Arusi Santi's star turn as the Narrator and all his other roles is clearly this show's star vehicle. A gifted musician, impressionist, singer, rapper and actor, Santi may pop in and out of the narrative but he casts a large shadow over it at all times."

—Greg Kerestan, BroadwayWorld

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at Syracuse Stage and Geva Theatre

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"An irresistible narrator with a guitar (Arusi Santi) leads us through the story with style and good humor. He’s charming at all points but especially so when (in all his 6 ft. bearded glory) he becomes Reina’s bashful 10-year-old son."

—Barbara Adams,

"The Narrator, played by the towering Arusi Santi, controls the evening. With his guitar slung on his shoulder, he slips effortlessly into the roles of the agents of the world Reina is challenging on her trip across the border. His presence is galvanizing, even in his surprising final incarnation."

—Len Fonte,

Lamb's Players Theatre

"Arusi Santi, as Stan, steals the show as the wide-eyed sound effects guy through the tale with horns, whoopie cushions, rain makers and everything in between adding to the hilarity of the show."

—Jennifer Velez, The Coronado Times

"Arusi Santi creates a fully developed, engaging character in Stan the effects guy despite not having a single spoken line. His physical acting put me in mind of Rowan Atkinson."

—Charlotte Collins, San Diego Reader

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